Coastline Lending Group

Jeffrey Joseph
Owner and Broker

A native of Los Angeles, Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in history and sociology from UCLA and a law degree from the University of West Los Angeles School of Law.  As a practicing attorney for nearly 20 years, he specialized in consumer bankruptcy law, foreclosure defense and truth-in-lending matters.

In 1994, Jeff made a transition into the mortgage industry, moving his family to Las Vegas where he found success in the home improvement lending industry during the housing boom then taking place in southern Nevada.  In 2003, he returned to Los Angeles to take advantage of an opportunity afforded him in the private money lending and trust deed investment business, where today, Coastline Lending Group successfully operates under his guidance.

With the analytical training and discipline developed from his legal background along with varied experiences in the lending industry, Jeff and Coastline Lending Group have earned a reputation for putting borrowers into the right loan as well as investors into the right trust deed investment.  In representing and advising thousands of individuals with financial issues for over 40 years, Jeff has developed a compassion and understanding for those in need of financial assistance and guidance as well as extensive insight into the components of a sound trust deed investment.

When not funding loans, you’ll find Jeff playing golf, walking the southern California coast or spending time with his growing family.  And rooting for his beloved Dodgers!


Mortgage Broker

Jeff was a tremendous asset to myself but most importantly to my client. He was able to secure  financing in under ten days in order to save a transaction that otherwise would have been dead. This transaction most certainly depended on Jeff's high level of expertise and relationships in order to get done. I would absolutely recommend Jeff after experiencing first hand his ability to deliver on his commitments.

Real Estate Attorney

Jeff Joseph is one of the most knowledgeable and personable people in the mortgage lending/brokering industry. I have known Jeff for over thirty years, and I have worked with him in various capacities. Jeff and I have worked on matters regarding bankruptcies, lending rates, securities laws relating to the lending industry, and title and disclosure issues. Many times Jeff was asking me for expert advice, and just as many times I was asking Jeff for expert advice. Jeff is a top man in the field of knowing the ins and outs of the mortgage business. A complex title company case recently came in to my office, and Jeff was the first person I contacted. As usual, his input and assistance were right on point.


The loans produced by Jeffrey Joseph of Coastline Lending Group are high-quality and impeccably documented. If you are a lender/investor, you can count on Jeff to thoroughly vet any deal you are considering. We appreciate his discernment and attention to detail.

Real Estate Broker

I have met many lenders, but work with very few. Jeff Joseph is the best in immediate, no-nonsense response and straight equity loans. Simply, he says what he means & means what he says.

Escrow Officer

I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to obtain financing. He is incredibly efficient and can close transactions lightning-fast. I have referred numerous borrowers AND lenders to him and all reviews of his service have been extremely positive. I enjoy working with him and I know you will not be disappointed in his service.

Mortgage Broker

Jeffrey Joseph of Coastline Lending Group is a well versed and knowledgeable Real Estate Professional. Jeff knows how to quickly execute any Real Estate transaction from application process to closing within a matter of days. YES..”Days!!..Not weeks and months” at very competitive pricing and loan structures. I would recommend Jeff for all your Real Estate Private Equity Financing needs.


Jeff Joseph really knows how to get things done and always goes the extra mile. Its been my pleasure to work with Jeff since first meeting him in 2011.

Mortgage Broker

I've nothing but praise. I'm a mortgage broker and occasionally meet people who need help outside the traditional banks. Jeffrey has been tops in communication, a pleasure to work with, and has provided my clients superb financing and fast closing. What else is there to ask for, that is, why go elsewhere? Certainly a first port of call.

Mortgage Broker

Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He is thorough and detailed with his work. He does what he says and will look forward to working with him again in the future.


I met Jeff through a good friend that had invested with him for several years before and vouched for Jeff's expertise, integrity and financial results, so I invested in first trust deeds for a few properties and have been very happy with Jeff's performance over the last few years. He has a very organized system, delivers what he promises, and generally does a great job. We had one investment which got caught up in a contentious family dispute between brothers on a property inherited from their parents, which led to a lawsuit that temporarily held up sale or foreclosure of the property when the main borrower stopped paying on the first trust deed. Jeff rose to the occasion and handled everything very professionally, got the title company to assume the defense of the lawsuit, oversaw the process, and ultimately we got paid the default-rate of interest and all costs incurred in commencing foreclosure. Very happy with the outcome of even the one deal that had some hiccups due to an unforeseen complication with the borrower. Always take a hard look at the opportunities in his quality dealflow. 

Mortgage Broker

Jeff is an experienced pro who sources great loan opportunities, is diligent in his underwriting, fair in his dealings, smart and personable. He's a great guy to do business with.